Proxy Card for iOS 11.
Proxy Card on Android.

Fast & Secure

Make blockchain transactions with no setup time or delay.

Made for Everyone

Proxy ditches tech-jargon and hard to understand features so anyone can use it!

iPhone 7 & Newer

Proxy runs on any iPhone 7 or newer with iOS 11

Packed with Features

Having tons of features doesn't have to be confusing, we kept Proxy powerful and simple.

Sleek & Material

We designed this app to not only run well, but feel nice to use. Utilizing Material Design standards brings us to the next level.

Any Modern Android

Proxy supports any modern Android devices with NFC. Chances are you can use Proxy!

Proxy Card is Coming Soon!

Multifactor Security for the Blockchain

Not only does Proxy allow instantaneous blockchain access, but we do it in the most secure way possible.

Proxy requires users to sign in, register their device, and be in possession of the physical Proxy Card to create a transaction. This means it's virtually impossible for someone to steal your account!

Jay Noe

CEO, Proxy Card
Merchants? Meet Ethereum.

Our plug-and-play merchant system makes it easy for anyone to accept Ethereum as payment!

Whether you have a webstore or a physical store (or even just an idea!) Proxy makes it easy for you to accept the global currency of the 21st century. Jam-packed with merchant services that make things like customer trust and tax reporting a breeze.

Joseph Miglietta

CTO, Proxy Card
Connect with the Community

We're bringing the blockchain community together in ways like never before.

Unlike other blockchain chat apps, you can talk to anyone on the Ethereum network! Simply message them by username (if they're on our system) or by address, and enjoy the instantaneous chat of Proxy Card. Everything you say is encrypted end-to-end, and self-destructs after 14 days.

Jason Blood

CTO, Proxy Card

Live Product Demo

In early September, the Proxy Team hosted a live stream to demonstrate the product we've worked so hard to build. To sum it up: this is the cryptocurrency standard of the future. Watch now!

Our Development Team

Jay Noe

CEO / Lead Android Engineer

Jason Blood

COO / Lead iOS Engineer

Joseph Miglietta

CTO / Backend & Blockchain Engineer

Our Support Staff

Sergei Stadnik

Culture Consultant

Steffen Squitieri

Communications & Brand Outreach

Thomas Pedersen

Brand Outreach

Our Advisory Board

Eyal Hertzog

Business & Deverlopment Advisor

Anton Gerasimov

Blockchain Advisor