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Learn how Proxy Card can get you accepting Ethereum in minutes.

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Who is Proxy Card for?

Existing Web Stores

Proxy provides a plug-and-play addon to your existing web store checkout. Simply copy and paste, our use our full featured API!

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Brick & Mortar Stores

Proxy Card's Point Of Sale addon hardware and software make accepting Proxy Cards a breeze. Customers can easily tap and go, no extra effort from you!

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Web Store Ideas

Have a great idea, but need some help getting off the ground? No problem! Sign up and we'll host your webstore on our market.

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Account Solutions

Companies looking for a no-account authentication system can look no further. Utilize Proxy Card's unique and expansive toolset for your business today!

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How it Works


Business as Usual

Customers don't have to do anything special to use Proxy Card. They just interact with your business as per usual!


The Checkout

When it comes time to checkout, users either type in their Proxy username (for web purchases) or tap their Proxy Card (for brick & mortar stores) to make payment.


The Confirmation

Users tap their Proxy Card on their companion app to confirm their purchase, just like any other Proxy transaction.


Invoice Paid

That's it! You've been paid for the user's purchase, and details like shipping address or where to send a receipt (and more!) is pre-packaged.

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